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Bill Knauf opened opportunities with federal government


Advanced Insight Group's Services

No two organizations are the same. And business challenges and opportunities come in all forms. That’s why we create customized business solutions for every client. First, we learn about your requirements, goals, and challenges. Using our range of services, experience and networks as a starting point, we craft a strategic approach to achieving those goals. Then we execute the plan, delivering flexible, responsive service throughout the project. Our approach is different every time, but the result is always the same: success.

Uncommon Skill Set
With our unique blend of expertise in private and public sector management, regulatory and legislative policy, appropriation processes, and compliance we can help address your most complex business challenges.

Our Services

Business Development and Strategic Planning
Organizations turn to us when they need a fresh perspective from skilled strategists. With our extensive public and private sector management expertise and our strategic visioning experience, we have the insight to help organizations grow. Plus, we can tap into our nationwide network of government and corporate leaders for additional resources. Our specific services in this area include leadership development, workforce planning, proposal development, and management.

Project and Program Leadership and Management
Have a project or program, but no manager for it? Let us handle it. Whether we’re “hands-on” or just advising, we’ll make your program or project successful. With our corporate execution credentials, we can manage all elements of a project or program from planning and financing to administration, marketing, and execution.

Client Representation Services
Because of our expertise and professionalism many of our clients ask us to help promote their organizations and serve as their representatives. In that capacity we represent our clients at trade shows and meetings and act as their local representatives.